I am an artist working primarily in sculpture and paint. My work is about unearthing the foundation of my identity. I create works of art that reference my childhood interest and adolescent atmospheres. Through the creation of miniature landscapes, toy guns, and use of  iconic imagery, I seek to produce works of art unique to my identity.

Since a young age I’ve retained a fascination with miniatures and have developed skills to build them. The geographic locations I depict are land mark sites that would have stood out to me as a child. My miniature planets suggest how humans are a monstrous force encompassing the planet. As the human race we’ve made irreversible changes to the Earth, yet Earth’s vastness perplexes the thought of such.

The toy gun works call upon my early years and how I developed a desire to create.  At a young age not possessing the toys I wanted, I began to draw and craft toy guns. The way in which the toy guns are created reference my play with legos and how it’s influenced a desire to disassemble to recreate. As I grew my attention shifted from toys to technology. I use old electronics because I’m interested in how technology, design, and advertisement change rapidly encouraging humans to compete and consume.