Philip Gann


Two Old Videos

Here’s two videos I created a few years back. The first video shows a piece titled Dog Above Water from 2013. The second video is an introduction to my artistic practice, I made the video to submit to a call for artist.

Dog Above Water
I created this piece while at Penland School of craft for the first time. We were required to created a kinetic sculpture using a 12v battery, a windshield wiper motor, and the wood shop.  I created a Leonardo da Vinci inspired walking machine. Instead of wheels, 12 kinetic legs kick the ground in such a motion to propel the machine forward. The first test runs were a success as the machine trotted along much like a prancing horse. Unfortunately upon the first few test runs the machine started to destroy it’s small wooden dowels under the weight of it’s self.  To preserve it’s kinetic nature a stand was constructed to demonstrate it’s potential and prevent it from further destroying itself. Thus it earned it’s name Dog Above Water.


This second video was created as an introduction to my artistic practice.

Since the creation of these videos I went on to produce many more toy gun sculptures and additional planets. I later became more interested in creating outdoor spaces through landscape architecture. This shift of interests has lead me to purse my masters degree at Cal Poly Pomona. Though I’m still interested in Fine Art I’m finding new ways to apply what I’ve learned through my own practice to what I’m learning at Cal Poly Pomona.


Young California Artist


In 2016 I put my efforts towards designing a book called the Young California Artists. This 75 page book will feature 5 young artist each with 6 full spreads of Bio’s, Artist Statements, and high resolution Photographs of their work.

Introduction from the Book:
Over the course of its history, California has been a home and an inspiration to countless artists — from the great American Landscape painters of the 19th century, to the Contemporary artists of the 20th century. Now, it continues to inspire the craftsmen of the 21st century.

California is a beacon, drawing in people from a variety of places who want to experience the vibrancy of this great land. A pleasant climate, rich agricultural terrain, and technological prowess contribute to the state’s prosperity and help cultivate a diverse artistic landscape. California has created styles and ideas that have not only influenced the United States, but the rest of the world as well. And as new concepts constantly migrate in, the state continues to evolve and breed innovation.

Cultural hubs like Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area are home to some of California’s most driven and resourceful people. Today, artists and craftsmen continue to build off of those that came before them, perpetuating their ambitious, inspirational energy. California’s young creators are the subjects of this book, and as we take a closer look at these artists — Anh Bui, Nick Garcia, Amy Liss, Elliott C Nathan, and David Rogers — we’ll discover exactly what they are doing to embrace that energy.


(Photo: Elliott C. Nathan and his work Burning Man Structure / Panels)

Thanks to the efforts of all the artist, and the donations from all the donors to get the book printed, we’ll be expecting the YCA books release in the first half of 2017.



2016 Went Like This


Two Broken Feet in 2016
2016 had my art and efforts going in a different direction. After the New Year and 5th Annual Art-A-Thon, I moved homes twice with my girlfriend by the time July came around and broke both my feet on August 1st. By October I started walking again and began to prepare myself to go back to work in November. All and all 2016 was a slow year for my art, but I managed to set everything up for 2017. My home studio is taking shape and to save money and time I will be moving out of The Loft artist studios in South San Francisco.



5th Annual Art-A-Thon 2016


Art-A-Thon 2016
Distinction Gallery, 317 E Grand Ave, Escondido, CA

Opening reception:
Saturday, January 9th 2016
6pm – 9pm.

Art-A-Thon is a 24hr marathon of creation as 27 artists work around the clock producing their own series’. A week later all the works created at the Art-A-Thon are hung up on display and placed in a silent auction. The auction is held to raise money for ArtHatch’s teen program. Bidding has begun, all bits start at $50 and are placed on site or on line. Bidding will go  through till February 6th 2016 at 2pm.

Place your online bids here at



American Gun Show 2015


American Gun Show
Works/San Jose, 365 South Market Street, San Jose, CA

Opening reception:
Friday, October 2nd 2015
7pm – 10pm.

American Gun Show is a large group exhibition of artistic responses at the intersections of free speech, personal liberty, and national identity. Curators James Morgan and Dorothy Santos explore the art and technology of guns with an objective focus to provide a much needed dialogue around an object rife with cultural, social, and political meaning.

The exhibition is on view through November 15, with public discussion on Friday October 23 at 7pm.


Germination 2015

The Red Victorian, 1665 Haight St, SF.

Opening reception:
Thursday, August 6th 2015
6pm – 10pm.

Germination is a Group Art Show hosted by The Red Victorian. The title of the show is a reference to the four exhibiting artists and their relocation from Southern California to San Francisco. Here, in the San Francisco/Bay Area is where these young artists are sprouting the next phases of their artistic careers. Come out for an evening of celebration as we debut the recent efforts of these four diligent artists. 

Jake Emery
Sarah Fateen
Philip Gann
Chanel Teffeteller


Ad Infinitum 2015

Group Show at Merchants of Reality.

“Some of the best recycled art I’ve seen in a while”
– Alan Bamberger


4th Annual Art-A-Thon 2015

Huge Thank You to everyone who made the Art-A-Thon possible. I was able to make these four sculptures in the 24 hours. Show was open, January 10th through February 7th, 2015.